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Singing in Bulgarian



Nico and the Donkey

Fourth Song for Nico


Singing "Yesterday"

Nico as the Snowplowman

Gong Gong I want to start a parade

Weather and Fish Radar - According to Nico

Arriving Monday Jan 23, I was greeted by Nico with some new songs and new Lego formation he developed. I asked him what are the different parts of "the boat". He started to explain how the weather radar works and then the fish radar. Because I knew of no books with any detailed descriptions on radar on his bookshelf, I asked him where he learnt about weather radar He said his schoolmate Lukas told him some basic facts and he must have got the info from someone at home.

He articulates really well even on subjects he does not know a lot. I did not try to correct him on the use of fish radar. But I concluded that he needs to get much much more advanced books and lego formations to develop his knowledge. It is such a joy to watch him delineate a subject. He has a passion and communication skills for new subjects.

Nico the astronomer

I was watching Nico drawing on the driveway this afternoon and happened to see what he drew on the right side. I asked him what it is and he said it is the solar system. I was on alert today and went to get my Iphone and took the following video.

This boy just have daily surprises that leaves you speechless.

A Toddler born with an Operatic Voice

Early in 2019 six month after Nico was born, I noticed that he was gifted with a very robust voice. Being someone that was born with an operatic voice myself, I felt that music is destined in his future.

I brought two song books in Hong Kong Called Swing Song I & II. Every time I visit, I will sing different songs to him.

Making Sounds on Anything and Everything

Once he started walking, we would go on long walks and I will hit the Cable Boxes on the pavement with my hands to make some sound pattern. He will follow. We will clap our hands and make a tone, hit our rear end with our hand and make a tone. As he walks better, we started to dance and sing using different tunes, Gene Kelly, "Dancing in the Rain" or just make up our own tunes. It took months before he gets into that pattern.

As he gets to be two years old, when I visit, we will start singing from the moment he gets out of bed. After a while, Nico gets used to just making up tunes without efforts. We will create the Breakfast Train every morning. So before he started going to school when he became three years old, he has developed a habit of singing and dancing all day long.

So even with an operatic voice, one has to develop his interest in singing and dancing by continuously reinforcing the habits so that it becomes a natural part of his routines.

Classical Music

I started playing Dvorak's music to Nico before he even turned one year old. I will play Yo Yo Ma Cello Concerto by Dvorak day after day. Early this year, I started playing Beethovan's Fifth and Ninth Symphonies. To me there is no better teacher for small children than Classical Music. Of course, you have to drum it the details time and again.

Folk Music

I would also play songs by Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Peter Paul and Mary and a host of other folk singers. It is important to take the time to help children understand the lyrics and history. "Stewball" has now become one of Nico's favorite.

Photographic Memory

Very early on, it becomes very obvious to everyone that Nico is endowed with an extraordinary photographic memory. Even now, I still cannot understand the type of photographic memory he was born with as it extends beyond books, songs.


wherelovegrow Operatic voice
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